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Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

We welcome partnerships with institutions across the world. Contact us through email at for initial discussions and the template for formulating a Memorandum of Understanding.


Unfortunately, not at this time. It is required that you take courses that are similar to courses you would have taken at UCC during that semester. Also, your Head of Department at UCC will have to endorse the courses you register for at the partner institution.

Yes, absolutely! You will, however, be required to pay tuition and application fees. You will still have to apply through your school's international office.

Yes. Even as an International student at UCC, you can still apply to go on an Exchange at a partner institution.

Currently, the University requires payment through its bank account. The particular account details will be provided after admission has been offered.

Visit for the application process for an applicant seeking to do a full degree programme or for applicants seeking to participate in an Exchange programme for a semester or two.

Faculty/ Staff

As a staff of the University, you have a unique opportunity to participate in staff exchanges at a partner institution. Click here for more information on how to make use of such an opportunity.

The Office also provides information on scholarship opportunities for further studies from our partner institutions. Please click here for more information.

Staff can also participate in summer programmes abroad. More information on them can be found here.

No. The appropriate process is to apply for sponsorhip through your Head to the Direcorate of Human Resource.

There are opportunities for staff/faculty members of the University to travel for these purposes. For funding, it will depend on the particular opportunity and approval from University Management.